Girls soccer starts off the season strong


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The girls soccer team is starting their season off strong.

After much anticipation, the girls varsity soccer team started their season strong with a win against Vernon Hills, 1-0, on a goal by sophomore Caera Race.

There is a lot of excitement around this year’s team, which is full of amazing athletes who have different background skills. In fact, most of the girls on the team have been playing since they were young.

“I have been playing since I was around four years old,” sophomore Arissa Vettraino said.

From a very young age, the girls have strived to become better soccer players as well as compete with themselves to achieve their goals.

“I have been playing soccer for about 10-11 years as of now,” said senior Hannah Kregel.

Starting at a young age has a great benefit if continuing in that sport because it enhances one’s ability to be a good athlete as well as a good teammate. Starting at a young age also allows one to create friendships and bonds with people on the team.

“I’ve always enjoyed watching and playing the game. I enjoy the friendships I make over the years from soccer that I wouldn’t if I didn’t play. I also enjoy the adrenaline I get from playing on the field with my friends,” Vettraino said.

This sport fills the hearts of many young players like Hannah. This year is Hannah’s senior year, and she is very passionate about the sport.

“I look up to myself, not as a present self but a future self. I set goals for me to reach in the future. I inspire to be better than what I am right now than in 10 years,” Kregel said.

While the players are pursuing their personal goals, coach Adam DeCaluwe has some of his own.

“Our main goal is to be better today than we were yesterday, so we are always looking to improve in everything we do.  We aim to work together to address our weaknesses while building upon our strengths, both individually and as a team.  We make every practice as challenging as possible so that the athletes are always competing.  We look to push our student-athletes to believe in themselves, work harder than they think they can, and make those around them better by being good teammates. This, we hope and believe that our team will compete in every game we play, and hopefully win more than we don’t,” DeCaluwe said.

Coach DeCaluwe also shared his favorite moments as the girls soccer coach.

“I enjoy the big moments, and they are certainly very memorable, but the moments I enjoy the most are at our training sessions, when our athletes are competing, supporting one another, making progress both individually and as a group, and having fun every step of the way,” he said.