Boys baseball season starts off strong in conference play


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Oscar Calhoun, Jack Jawworski, and Luke Lenning get ready to go on defense.


The boys baseball team is off to a great start with a record of 9-4 in their season so far.

For conference, they are 7-1 , and they push through hard competition and work hard every day to have a great rest of their season. 

The head coach is Brett Hill, who has been coaching the team for six years now. He also coaches multiple sports at Grayslake North, such as boys basketball and boys football. 

I love competing and teaching the game I love, but the best part is seeing our players grow into young men and come back to share their successes with me,” Hill said. 

Hill  loves what he does and he loves seeing others enjoy the game itself, and not being able to coach last year was difficult. He finds a passion for sports all around. 

Our team has the potential to finish in the top of the conference and make a postseason run. The best part about it is we are 8-3 and haven’t come close to playing our best baseball yet,” Hill said.  

Senior David Rennolds is on the boys varsity baseball team, and he is very grateful because he is able to have a baseball season this year. He is very happy to be playing and to have a good start to the season. 

I am most excited for being able to have a season with all the guys. At the beginning of the year, it wasn’t 100 percent that there were gonna be sports, so I’m grateful that we were able to put one together,” Rennolds said. 

Rennolds had gained so much from this sport, and he will never forget his most memorable time playing baseball. 

I’ve always loved the game, and I continued to play throughout grade school and all four years of high school. My favorite memory from baseball is when I hit my first home run back in fifth grade,” Rennolds said.

Senior Mathew Bucich is also on the boys varsity baseball team, and he too is excited to have a season his senior year. He is ready to have a strong finish and have a great season to look back on. 

I have been playing baseball since I was five years old. I am 18 now and currently going on my 13th year of baseball. I have always enjoyed baseball most because of the friends that I have in the sport. Baseball is also one of the sports that is equally as challenging for shorter individuals, which helps me out,” Bucich said.

Bucich has gained a lot from baseball, and he has been very excited since he heard there was going to be a senior season and is ready to compete. 

I am most excited about getting all the boys back together at our full potential. This team has been playing together for seven years now, but we’ve been split up between levels and from the pandemic. Finally, we are all back together and ready to make another deep playoff run,”  Bucich said.

The boys varsity baseball team will compete and finish strong and for not only the school but for each other and show how much this sport truly means to them. The seniors had not gotten a season last year, but that will not stop them from showing everything they got and finishing their last season as a North Knight!