Seniors plan for fun over the summer

Seniors at North get excited for their summer plans, which include hanging out with friends and family and working at their jobs.

Seniors also want to take advantage of their last summer together before leaving for college.

“I want to make sure I’m out a ton and don’t have a lot of nights without plans. I will also get up at a reasonable time every day to make sure I don’t sleep the entire day away,” said senior Kaylee McCaslen.

“I want to try and see my friends two to three times a week at a minimum.”
Seniors start to get prepared for the next stage of their lives and education. Without having to worry about high school, they are now able to focus on their future.

“I think I am going to utilize this summer for the purpose of growing up but in the way that I want to get ready for college. I am also going to make an attempt to join group chats and make friends in the college that I will go to as well and maybe visit the town to get more familiarized,” said senior Anya Gonzales.

This summer seniors will also be focused on college even while they plan on enjoying it.

“This summer will be different from previous summers because I’m going to have to prepare for a completely new experience in college,” said senior Ally Nemkovich.
Seniors are also able to visit their family now that vaccines are rolling out when they might not have been able to before.

“The only official summer plans I have so far is to visit my grandparents in Florida in July. Both of them have gotten their vaccines, so we should be pretty safe,” Nemkovich said.
Even though more people are getting vaccinated, several guidelines will remain in place to help limit the spread of COVID.

“I will have a bit more freedom since I am 18 and going to college, yet I will have restrictions in place because of COVID,” McCaslen said.

Gonzales is working hard to make sure she hangs out with her friends more often because she has a tendency to enjoy staying home.

“For summer I am going to try and redo my room and also hang more often with friends, as well as focus on my hobbies more too because I really need and will appreciate the break from having summer homework to do,” Gonzales said.

Even though seniors are excited for college, they will still miss their high school friends and being away from their families.

“I will miss seeing all my friends at school every day and being with my family,” McCaslen said.
Seniors are making sure to hang out with their high school friend groups as much as possible in order to remain connected once they go away from each other.

“I’ll probably hang out with friends as much as I can since we’re all separating for college,” Nemkovich said.

Some students have a summer bucket list of fun things to do over the break.

“There isn’t anything specific I want to try this summer, but I am just going to try and find new places to go to. One thing I do really want to do is a coffee shop tour in the city and go to different coffee shops,” Gonzales said.

Several athletes plan on staying active even when their seasons are over.

“I think I am going to try and keep dancing over the summer. I want to keep dancing, and I want to do summer dance classes,” Gonzales said.

Seniors with jobs may also consider taking second jobs over summer in order to save money for college.

“I will pick up more shifts at my current job and maybe even try to get a second one,” McCaslen said. “I will only be working since soccer ends before graduation.”

In the end, seniors will reflect on what they will miss the most from their hometown.

“I’ll miss my family and my room the most,” Nemkovich said.