Companies offer safe fun this summer

Before COVID, there were companies of entertainers and festivals making trips all around the U.S. to create summer fun; however, COVID has led to many restrictions on these types of activities. Many companies have shut down or stopped performing altogether.

“I wasn’t sure that I would be able to keep everyone employed and work my other jobs at the same time,” said Ivy Klien, manager of Ohio Sunncation, a small summer traveling entertainment company.
Since the spread of COVID was so rapid, some companies that were already in a state other than their own were forced to stay put until cleared to go home.
“I remember practically living in a hotel in Virginia because COVID made it impossible for us to go home. I know it was for our safety, but it was exhausting,” Klien said.

Though there are companies and businesses that cannot perform, some have pulled through and are ready to make this summer fun.

“I did a lot of interviewing, but I found five or six new small corporations creating a COVID safe summer fun entertainment process which I have to say must be incredibly hard,” said Delaney Fedella, Californian Internet blogger.

“Not all hope is lost because in the place of the places that shut down are a few new minds who will take the extra time to create a fun summer for everyone,” Fedella said.

Usually every year in the U.S. there are about 800 music festivals. Many of them have been canceled or postponed, but a good amount have adapted and will continue online. Events Hub is hosting the Canterbury Free Summer Music Festival 2021 this summer and has worked to make sure everyone can safely have fun.

“I’ve done a ton of research for my blog, and the amount of effort that goes into making kids and parents happy every year all summer is much more than we expected. There’s a lot of people and, more commonly, kids don’t see behind the scenes when the artists perform for them,” Fedella said.

This year there will be tons of new festivals and fairs, most of which will be online due to COVID. Some examples of festivals happening this summer include the Country Thunder Music Festival, the Ruido Fest, Summer Chill Fest 2021, and the Food Truck Frenzy Festival.

“This year I hope there are tons of people who try to reach out and find new fun things to do this summer! I know I’ll be paying attention to find new events to participate in!” Klien said.