Graduation, senior prom look different for Class of 2021

Senior Isaly Munoz poses next to her senior sign. Representatives from the school delivered the signs last week to congratulate the seniors on their graduation. (Photo courtesy of Isaly Munoz.)

With graduation and prom just around the corner, last minute preparations are being made. Prom and graduation are supposed to be two of the most memorable events of high school, and GNHS plans to keep that promise.

Seniors this year have been through a lot, and all they would like to have is a fun evening at prom. Although there is still a pandemic, students will proceed with the required protocols to stay safe. North will work out a way to both be safe and allow students to have a special night.

“Unfortunately, this year’s prom will look a little different than it has in the past. Prom is going to be more about socializing in small groups, taking photos or just relaxing instead of dancing. There will be lots of different lounge areas set up for students just to hang out and catch up while listening to music,” said sponsor Jill Grunloh.

Seniors will be able to socialize with peers and take pictures with their friends if they are comfortable doing so. While taking pictures, students will be able to remove face masks. This will also be allowed if they are eating.

“This year’s prom was really hard to plan but is still going to be amazing. Mrs. Sokolowski and myself want nothing but the best for these seniors. They have been through enough already and deserve a memorable evening. I know this year’s prom is going to be different, and students are skeptical about it, but I promise you it is going to be beautiful and a memorable evening,” Grunloh said. Prom will take place May 22.

Current seniors have struggled through the pandemic, online schooling, and lack of interaction. “I look forward to things being back to ‘normal’ so we can have a prom that students have always dreamed about,” Grunloh said.

As for graduation, which is also approaching quickly, expect things to be a little different. Due to COVID, North is unable to have a typical graduation ceremony. Last year’s graduation was planned last minute and was as normal as it could be. When it comes to a graduation ceremony, the main reason for it to be held is to recognize seniors and celebrate their accomplishments, along with the transition to a new stage of their lives.


Seniors will graduate on June 3.