Seniors look forward to next steps

Seniors will be graduating very soon, which brings up a curious question, what do they plan to do after graduation?  Lots of seniors are off to college next year. Some plan to go far and some plan to stay close.

I’m planning on attending the University of Minnesota,” said senior Lilly Brama.

DJ Zeman said, “I am going to Michigan Tech.” 

“Both schools are over five hours away and are very well known to be great schools,” Brama said..

“gAfter graduation, I look forward to summer with my friends and family,” Brama said.

Zeman is excited to “go to college.”

At college, “my major will be sports management, and I’m excited to learn more about the sports world,” Brama said. Zeman stated mechanical engineering will be his major.

Did North prepare them for the next step in their educational career?  

Zeman said, “Only my AP physics class because it wasn’t just learning, it was getting to know how to take notes efficiently and what not.”

While at college, Brama said, “I’m going to try out for their ACHA team which is essentially D1 club hockey.”  She hopes to get out and make a lot of friends at college so that she can have a group to rely on.  Where in contrast Zeman stated that he is looking forward to the “alone experience.”

When entering this new chapter of their lives, the seniors are all taking different approaches to moving on to their own lives.  Zeman  and Brama went to school with each other for a long time and they are working toward vastly different goals and different ambitions.

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