Students attend hybrid plan, come back full-time


Oscar Calhoun

Students in 2D art class work on their projects. These students are attending school all five days a week.

Some students have been in the hybrid plan since almost the beginning of second semester, but as of April 19, they are now able to go back full-time. Many teachers and students are both thrilled to go back in person because they would prefer to be in person than behind a screen.  

The teachers and staff at North have been working to make the hybrid plan possible while following guidelines in order to give the opportunity to go back full time. As students and staff enter the building, everyone must remain with their mask on at all times, and now all students will be able to return, at least those who feel safe to do so. 

I think it will be different than this school year. I think we will have most, if not all, students in the building every day” said P. E. teacher Vince Vitale. 

Vitale is a new staff member at Grayslake North. He is a physical education teacher and helps with the football team. He is glad to be back with the students and to be a part of helping with them. 

Being new to the school, it has been challenging building relationships with my co-workers and students,” Vitale said.

Senior Connor Smith is one of many students that is participating in doing the full-time schedule along with many of his friends. He is ready to finish the year strong and get to the finish line. 

“I am definitely looking forward to seeing people that I haven’t seen in over a year. I also am looking forward to the classroom environment and how being in person will help me learn better,” Smith said.

As Smith finishes, he will miss many things. Due to COVID hitting, it has made so much change and new things to adapt to and to look back onto it and realize how great something was.  

“Out of everything at GNHS, I will miss being on a sports team with friends. I made a lot of friends through the sports I played, and I will miss having fun with them during practice and competing with them during games,” Smith said. 

Senior Robert VanKast is another student who will be attending the full-time back schedule and is excited to do so to see many of his friends in classes. 

“I am looking forward to seeing all of my friends and the people I haven’t seen in a long time.  I have been attending school ever since the hybrid plan came out. I like how it’s a block schedule, and I have more time to go to focus on my school work,”  VanKast said.

As VanKast’s senior year is coming to an end and onto a new path for the future, he will miss many things. As he looks forward to the next step, he will remember what got him there. 

 I’m going to miss walking in the halls and seeing all my friends. I am also going to be missing sports. My best memories are from the football games,” VanKast said.