People consider benefits of the COVID-19 vaccine

There are many considerations to make before getting such a new vaccine as the COVID-19. Just like any medication, there are possible risks and benefits to it; people need information to make an educated decision about whether or when to get it.

One of the most important considerations before trying a new medication is the possible side effects and the decision of if the benefits outweigh the risk of side effects. The COVID-19 vaccine is no exception as it does have some fairly common side effects; however, these do not seem to outweigh the benefit of being immune from the virus.

“I did get a little sick afterward. I was fine that day until about two or three in the morning; I woke up with a fever, chills, some body ache and nausea,” said Tracy Gaona, a teacher who received the vaccine.

A benefit to being immunized is that people may feel more safe going outside, spending time with friends and family, and not worrying as much about getting sick. Although people are more secure after receiving the vaccine, they still must follow guidelines when not with other vaccinated individuals.

“I think other people will go out more, and that is going to give them a false sense of security, like they are protected they can not get it, although you can actually still get it. I think some people are going to be like ‘Oh I do not need to wear my mask anymore,’ when they still do,” said school nurse Annie Swiatek.

Thankfully, there is little to no restriction to getting the vaccine. All that is needed is an appointment made online, and there is no cost to getting immunized.

“I did have to register on a website ‘AllVax’ with the Lake County Health Department. One of the things is that it was very organized. They had people directing where to park, where to go. I just felt like it was very well organized,” Gaona said.

There are many estimates for when society will be able to return to a state similar to before COVID-19. These estimates vary because it relies on when people decide to get immunizations. Thus, if people continue to get immunized, we will return soon.

“If people choose to get vaccinated, I would probably say fall to winter of this year, hopefully,” Swiatek said.

Due to there being many different vaccines available, people of different ages and professions tend to get a certain type of vaccine. From the elderly, the young, medical professionals, and more.

“Most of the healthcare providers and the elderly got the Pfizer, and I know that teachers and educational staff got the Moderna,” Swiatek said.

When they were first made, there was a more rigid process for who could get the vaccine first. Now they are more readily available, and thus more people can get vaccinated more quickly.

“They started out with healthcare workers first and then essential workers. Right now they are doing kids sixteen and up. So they are pretty far along. You are not having to wait like you did at the beginning,” Swiatek said.