TikTok impacts the lives of many teens

TikTok has grown exponentially over the past few years. TikTok is a video-sharing platform where creators can upload 15-60 second videos. The app is free and has many cool features that drive people to want the app.

Students say that TikTok impacts their lives on many levels, whether it’s an outlet for stress, a way to have a fun dance you can post, or if it’s to laugh or find new DIY ideas. Many parents and adults think that social media can have negative impacts on teenagers; however, students say that that’s just not the case.

“TikTok has impacted my life probably in a more positive way because it’s really educated me about a lot of things I didn’t know before. And contrary to public belief and popular belief, there’s actually a lot of useful things that I learn there about things that I don’t really learn in school,” said Siera Tatarynowicz, a junior at Lakes Community High School. 

While TikTok has rules and regulations about content posted and shared, users can pretty much post whatever they want. If they want to post a singing clip, a dancing clip, a comedy real, people yelling or discussing politics, that’s 100 percent allowed.

“TikTok has made life a little easier cause I just use it as an outlet for my feelings. I post anything I want,” said Gabby King, a junior at Lakes Community High School.

Many creators try to accumulate followers. This normally happens when a video goes viral. Viral videos normally happen when one posts on the fyp (for you page), so if for those trying to become famous, now here is what to do.

“I first posted anything I wanted, and people thought it was funny, but recently I got more followers from posting my friend that people think is cute,” King said.

Some students believe that they don’t spend too much time on TikTok, while others don’t always agree thinking they spend way too much time on the addicting app. 

“I’d say I probably spend about two hours a day on TikTok, sometimes more sometimes less. I spend this much time because sometimes at night I’ll go on and get carried away,” Tatarynowicz said.

Even though TikTok is normally centered around dancing and other things, the platform is used for many other things like political views and information, stories that you might not have heard unless posted, and causes that are struggling and need help.

“I think this impact is good because I think it’s good to know the information I find on TikTok, and like I said again, it’s things that they don’t really teach you at school,” Tatarynowicz said.