Girls basketball finishes season strong in the conference


Kevin Zowaski

The girls varsity basketball team played Grant at one of the last home games of the season.

The girls basketball team finished their season going 6-4 in the conference, and 7-5 altogether.

The team believed that the hardest two matchups in their season were against Wacaunda and Grayslake Central.

“Grayslake Central and Wauconda were our two biggest challenges in the conference and were the only two we lost to,” said Coach Roger Lass.

The closest game was against Round Lake.

“It was pretty close throughout the game, and we had a two-point lead with under a minute to go, and they had the ball three times in the final minute, but we stopped them from scoring and won 41-39,” Lass said.

The team kept each other motivated and stayed on each other to make sure everyone was playing to their potential.

“Our team stays motivated by always pushing one another to be our best, and in-person school has also been a big motivational piece for us,” said senior Sarina Low.

The team was very lucky to have a season, and they felt that they did all they could given the circumstances of the season.

“This year we really wanted to have a good season considering since we didn’t even know if we were going to have one for a long time, so once it started, we were already motivated after waiting for so long,” said senior Meghan Delahunty.

The girls basketball team had a highly efficient season, and they had a very good time in doing so.

“It was definitely different this year, but it was just fun to be able to be with the team again and play with each other,” Delahunty said.

There were no state or sectionals for the girls this year, so their season was complete at the end of the Conference games.