The Walking Dead

“The Walking Dead” is an amazing TV series about the world ending and being taken over by zombies. The main character is Rick Grimes who is unaware of all of this and wakes up in a hospital from a coma all alone in a world of death and chaos. Rick Grimes can’t find his family, and with phone services down and the dead walking the streets, Rick is on a mission to reconnect with his family no matter what.

Now I’m not one to ever enjoy scary movies or anything to do with horror, but I can’t tell you how quickly I fell in love with the show and the characters. My brother was in the middle of the series, and I started watching with him. He was probably on Season 6, and I quickly decided I needed to watch this show. Now I remind you he was on Season 6 when I started the show at Season 1, and I still beat him to the end of the available series. In fact, he’s still watching it. 

“The Walking Dead” is a show where no one is safe, and what I mean by that is it doesn’t matter if a character is there for one episode or 7 seasons, no one is safe from death in this show. There were parts where I had to stop watching for a day or two because of how heartbreaking it was. You fall in love with the characters and want them to succeed and thrive while also surviving the zombie apocalypse. 

This show almost instantly shot to my top 5 favorite TV series, and the story isn’t even over yet. Netflix has up till Season 9; however, “The Walking Dead” franchise announced they will be doing 11 seasons of “The Walking Dead. Season 10 is being aired now on cable channels, or if you don’t have cable, you can watch on FuboTV.


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