Review: “Pursuit of Happyness”

Sometimes, people in the world have to work overtime and make sacrifices to get to their dreams, to succeed, and reach their end goals to live a happy life. 

The “Pursuit of Happyness” is an emotional rollercoaster about a man trying to work his way up to a better life for his family, but he faces multiple challenges in the process.  

Made in 2006, director Gabriele Muccino chooses star actors Will Smith and his son Jaden Smith as father and son in New York City for his masterpiece of a film.

After Will Smith’s character (Chris) and his son are evicted, Chris accepts an internship at a stockbroker firm as he’s a salesman trying to sell old computer screens no one wants to buy. With no money and a son, hope drives him to follow his dreams trying to earn a job from the internship to save him and his son’s life.

Some of my favorite parts of the movie is the scene when Chris catches a random cab with one of the stockbrokers trying to get an internship. His determination to get this internship had him impress the brooker by solving his Roblox cube in less than a minute to show his capability and potential for the job. 

I love this movie for so many reasons. This movie has scenes that will make you laugh, cry, and feel happy many times. During the movie, you are really pulling for Chris the entire time wanting him to succeed in his life being a good-hearted man. Will Smith also puts up one of his best acting performances of his career as he is much known for his comedy movies and shows, instead of a more serious like “The Pursuit of Happyness.”

My final score for the movie is a 9/10. This movie tells a great story keeping the audience on its toes the entire time. It is a great all-around performance of acting, directing, and setting of the movie.


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