Review: “Driver’s License” by Olivia Rodrigo

Geffen Records

The song “Driver’s License” is a slow, emotional catching song by Olivia Rodrigo.

“Driver’s License” takes you back to the heartbreak of a teen girl, as the memories come back about her ex after she gets her driver’s license.

“Driver’s License” represents the lasting power of a teenage heartbreak. Fans suspected the song was written about the love between Rodrigo and her co-star Joshua Bassett. Before writing the trending song “Driver’s License,” Rodrigo starred in “Bizaardvark” as well as “High School Musical,” the series where she first rose to fame. 

The song takes you through the emotional rollercoaster of a teenage girl. The girl seems very insecure and unsure of what to feel as all the memories of her past relationship comes back. The song talks about how she does not feel okay and cannot believe that her ex is okay without her. She talks about forever with this boy, but sadly he doesn’t see their relationship the same way as her. 

“Driver’s License” shows you this girl who misses her ex and who “can’t imagine how [the boy] could be so okay now that [she’s] gone” as she looks back at her relationship. She gets her driver’s license and “pictures her driving home with [the boy].” 

“Driver’s License” shows you the true emotional wreck that teenage heartbreak can have as you get taken through a young girl’s story. The song has a variety of tempos, and the vocals go from soft and whisper-like to more of a belt, which gives the song a variety of emotions. Not only does the musicality speak to the listener, but the lyrics truly show the pain and insecurity that teens go through in a time of heartbreak. 

Overall, Olivia Rodrigo’s song “Driver’s License” is a huge hit that speaks to so many who have been through heartbreak and allows the listener to just feel during the four minutes of the song.