Seniors reflect on the year


Many people said that the Class of 2020 seniors was a class that had the worst time because they only had some of their senior year. 

Others will say that the 2021 seniors have had it bad because they haven’t been able to go to school events and everything they do has to be socially distant with masks.

“I definitely feel like seniors have less opportunity to succeed than past seniors because of how different everything in the world is right now. Everything feels like it’s on pause, and we have no idea how COVID-19 will impact our futures in the long run. Picking out what college you want to go to is already hard enough, but not being able to visit on campus or having your future almost on pause makes it much more difficult,” said senior Michelle Szul.

The seniors took the SAT in the fall because their tests were canceled in the spring because of the lockdown. Many felt that their scores were not as high as they could have been because of the lapse in time.

“They (the scores) were negatively affected by COVID.  My score decreased near 50 points where I thought it should be at,” said senior Colton Terry.

Many seniors found it difficult to concentrate on Zoom for their classes.

“I feel like it has been difficult to concentrate because I have a lot more freedom during the day, and it’s easier for me to finish my work when the workload isn’t as big; I also think that it is harder to focus in person than it is over Zoom because people have much freedom,” said senior Christian Watschke said.

The one helpful thing was going from an eight-period day to a four-period day. Many students found it easier to concentrate on four classes per day.

“The block schedule has definitely helped me for senior year. If it wasn’t in place, then I have no idea how I would have the patience to stay in class all day long with senioritis,” Szul said.

Despite the remote learning, many seniors have some favorite memories.

“My favorite memory of high school is probably the North v. Central football game where we ran onto their field when we won,” Watchske said. Terry stated that to be his favorite high school memory as well.