Model UN attends virtual conference

Grayslake North’s Model United Nations attended a virtual conference sponsored by Naperville North High School on January 16, 2021.

Model United Nations is an extracurricular club where we meet to learn ways to practice diplomacy between countries around the world. Our group uses research and discussion to help us understand more about international relations,” said junior Phineas Hopkins. Model UN is internationally organized, and it allows students to discuss real-world issues from the perspectives of their assigned country.

The conference lasted the whole day, beginning with an opening ceremony and ending with awards and speeches.

The candidates did a great job, so I would say it was a success.  For some of our participants, it was their first conference. Even though no one earned a title, it was a success!” said Lynn Amy de la Breteque, sponsor of Model United Nations.

The club is hoping to be able to attend live conferences in the future to be able to make more connections and debate safely. Grayslake North’s Model UN is already in discussion of which conference they would like to attend next. 

For many students involved, this extra-curricular is a great outlet to pursue an interest in international and humanitarian causes. 

I’ve really enjoyed being part of Model UN because I’ve met some good friends and get to learn about topics that I might not get to research in my regular school classes,” Hopkins said. 

For students interested in joining the club, there is still a chance to participate in the unique experience.

Model UN can help develop skills you can take into any profession,”  Amy de la Breteque said.