Review: Sequence

Have you ever wished there was a game that was a card game but also a board game? The game Sequence is a fun, creative game that involves a deck of cards, tokens, and a board requiring skill.

Every time I play this game, I must use intense skill in order to beat my opponent. When playing, the deck of cards in a person’s hand might not provide the best offense to win, but might help translate defense into offense. 

This game was invented by Douglas Reuter in Owatonna, Minnesota, over a two-year period in the 1970s. It was published later by Jax Ltd., and was highly recommended by Bill Barret.

The game consists of a board game with every card included twice, aside from the Jack cards. A player gets a deck of six in their hand along with tokens. With the cards, a card is placed down where one wants to put a token on the board. The goal is to get five in a row, or if playing with a partner, two fives in a row. Once one gets five in a row, it is considered a sequence, and stays like that for the rest of the game. The catch of the game is that there are two different Jacks. One of them is a one-eyed Jack; if placed, you can remove an opponent’s token from the board if you think they are close to a sequence. If you have a two-eyed Jack, it is considered a wild card, placing the token anywhere you want on the board that is a free space. The goal is to get a sequence before anyone else in order to win the game.

Every game night where my family and I always have to decide on a game, we always end up playing Sequence. It is great for travel as well, and my family and I always bring it on vacation or family trips.

I really do like it because you can play it with a partner or without. It is for two to six players. The games do not last very long, taking about 15-30 minutes to play with teams, or 10-15 minutes if only individuals are playing. Sequence is a great game that involves a lot of strategy, but is easy for new players to catch on and learn.