Review: “The Office”


Working a job in an office building sounds like the most boring job a person can have, right? Wrong. The show “The Office” brings out a fun office work-life with many personalities, making the viewers always laugh.

With the last episode dating back almost eight years now (airing on May 16, 2013), people constantly still rewatch the show’s episodes for laughs and hope for a remake. Greg Daniels is the director of “The Office.”

The series is set in an office building in Scranton, Pennsylvania. Some episodes show business trips, weddings, and trips to New York, but it is mainly set inside the office building where the drama, comedy, and emotions fill the room.

The plot of the TV show is all about the employees’ day-to-day life at work with a goofy boss. Every day is different, and there are no boring days. Episode themes include holidays, special events, and everyday office occurrences. These experiences help establish the bond these employees have with one another, resulting in the development of close, family-like relationships with one another.

Most scenes open up with co-workers Dwight and Jim making fun of each other, seeing which one can get under whose skin first. Jim always starts by pranking Dwight, which sometimes gets Dwight mad. For example, Jim goes into work early and puts all of Dwight’s desk supplies in the vending machine. Dwight is forced to buy them back using only pennies and nickels, because his wallet is also in the vending machine. It is always comedic seeing these two characters go at it with one other.

I really enjoy the eight-season show due to its humor. When watching the show, at first a person may not think that a show set in an office building could be funny. Its humor revolves around the characters and their personalities, revealing their wants and interests throughout the show. The actors/characters really make this award-winning show enjoyable.

My final score for the show is a 8.5 out of 10. The show brings a lot of emotion and comedy, but after Steve Carell (the main character) leaves after six seasons, it slowly starts to become dull and not what it used to be. Also, some viewers might find the dry, uncomfortable humor non-comedic. Overall, I believe this show is famously renowned for good reason.