Review: “Prep and Landing”


“Prep and Landing,” a 2009 short film, takes the audience through the journey of Wayne and his new partner Lanny as they work to be the best elves they can be in Santa’s Prep and Landing unit. This is a spectacular short film that will spark everyone’s Christmas spirit. 

This film was directed by Kevin Deters and Stevie Wermers. It is a cute little animated Christmas special. The elves all work together in order to get Santa’s deliveries done as efficiently and as safely as possible. One elf declares that Little Timmy’s house is too dangerous for Santa to get to, but with the help of Lanny, Wayne finds his Christmas spirit and is determined to bring Christmas to Timmy. 

After Wayne’s partner got a promotion in the Prep and Landing unit, Wayne gets a new elf to help him. Although Wayne loses his jolly Christmas spirit, his new partner, Lanny, has every inch of joy still in him. As Santa is out for delivery, a snowstorm is said to be too dangerous for him to land at Little Timmy’s, so he is told by the navigation elves to just skip that house. With a lot of encouragement from Lany, Wayne is able to find his sense of Christmas again and overrides the warning. No matter what it takes, Wayne is determined to bring Christmas joy to everyone. Wayne figures out a way to help Santa see and is able to bring Christmas to Timmy even though it could have been dangerous. 

“Prep and Landing” leaves viewers with so much joy as they go through the cute Christmas short film. As Wayne loses his partner because of a promotion, he starts to lose his Christmas joy. This starts to make viewers feel bad for Wayne. Once Wayne gets his new partner, he is very annoyed with Lanny’s joyful attitude. Lanny’s personality is able to bring the Christmas spark needed so that Wayne can save Christmas! The end of the film leaves viewers so happy and in the mood to go do some fun Christmas activities. 

“Prep and Landing” is a very cute little short film, which brings Christmas joy as people watch it. The suspense as one watches to see if Santa will make it to the house in time and safely is great. The animations are really good too.

“Prep and Landing,” a 2006 Christmas short film, has many joyous moments in order to truly bring about the Christmas spark in all viewers.