Review: “Lucifer”

“Lucifer” is a TV show on Netflix about the devil. Lucifer gets bored of running Hell and decides to take a vacation in LA. After five years of him living in LA, the story begins.

Lucifer has a special power where he can draw out people’s desires. He does this by looking into their eyes and asking them, “what is it you truly desire?” After he finds out what the person truly desires, he grants them a favor, but on the terms that that person owes him a favor in the future. Lucifer runs a nightclub with a demon named Mazikeen and falls into a crime scene which puts him on his path with Chloe Decker.

Chloe Decker is a detective, and for some reason is unaffected by Lucifer’s “charms.” This makes Lucifer intrigued with her because he can’t draw out her desires. After five years of Lucifer being away from Hell, his brother Amenadial tries to make him go back, but Lucifer declines saying he has to “punish” those who sin on Earth. He’s so intrigued with Chloe, he becomes a consultant to work with her. 

Lucifer cannot lie and never hides the fact that he is the devil; however, no one believes him until they see his devil face. The show gives a twist on religion but uses Bible names and events.

Lucifer is immortal, so he cannot bleed unless he is wounded by another immortal or a blade made in Hell. However, later in the show when Lucifer is around Chloe, he bleeds. This freaks Lucifer out because he believes God sent Chloe to watch him. 

I recommend you watch this show. It is very good and very intriguing; however, it can be very vulgar, inappropriate and violent. They just came out with season 5 and plan to come out with their final season, season 6.      

I think this is a great show because not only is it fun to watch, but it has comedy, romance, and drama. It has twists and turns and is very suspenseful, making you sit on the edge of your seat most of the time.