Online shopping becomes more popular due to COVID-19


As COVID-19 continues, online shopping has become even more popular especially with longer Black Friday sales. 

Many people have turned to online shopping as a way to stay safer during this pandemic. Online shopping has definitely been way more popular this year than in previous years. 

“It’s so convenient, and the internet sells just about anything, unlike some stores,” said sophomore Maria Clark. 

Black Friday deals this year have been extended much longer than normal due to COVID-19. Most companies have had many big deals throughout their whole site in order to try and get customers to buy things from the online store. 

“We will continue to run some sales until the end of the year, but the best deals have already passed,” said vice president of Tiemart, Kim Castiglia.

As sites continue Black Friday through December, there are lots of sales that stores are continuing to have. 

“So far, where I have gone online shopping, everything’s on huge deals right now. Everywhere I have been shopping is like 50 percent or more,” said junior Peter Weitgenant.  

Although online shopping is as easy as a click of a button, it is so much easier for people to just continuously put things in their cart. This can make it really easy for people to blow through money very quickly.

“The most difficult part of online shopping is not spending too much money because it’s so easy to just pass things to your cart, and it adds up quickly,” Clark said. 

Shopping online may provide some difficulties to customers, but businesses have also suffered from a decrease in sales. Since the economy has not been doing as well, some people are only buying the things they need. This is causing small business owners to have their own struggles too. 

“This year has been difficult due to COVID for everyone. For our business, many people are not wearing ties or bow ties because in-person events have been canceled,” Castiglia said. 

As COVID has continued to impact many people, it is important to keep yourself as safe as possible. Shopping online when able is a good way to stay out of big public spaces and keep yourself distanced from others. 

“I’m shopping online right now because of COVID-19, and I’ve been really busy lately with work and school,” Weitgenant said.

Shopping online has allowed for people to stay in a safer environment and still get the things they need.