Review: “Color Theory”


Soccer Mommy’s “Color Theory” album is even better than her last one and shows how she has expanded her lyricism but also stayed with her same style of music. “Color Theory” is the best album that Soccer Mommy has put out yet, and each song has a different theme describing the artist’s pain and struggle throughout her life.

Sophie Allison, or “Soccer Mommy,” released her first album “Collection” in 2017. Allison is a 23 year old Swiss-born American from Nashville, Tennessee. Her new album “Color Theory” was released on February 28, 2020, and her song “Circle the Drain” has 10 million listens on Spotify.

“Color Theory” has an indie rock sound that Soccer Mommy writes and sings in her own authentic way. The album takes listeners through three different color themes that show different emotions the artist went through. The song “Yellow is the Color of Her Eyes” describes the color yellow with a sad meaning. The song was about Allison being sad while on the road because she is losing time with her mom. I think “Color Theory” is a great album because the sound is good, and I like how her album shows what she was going through and how people could relate to her.

My favorite song on the album is “Yellow is the Color of Her Eyes” because creating a song that is seven minutes long takes some lyrical and instrumental bravery. I also really like the song “Circle the Drain” because I think the song kind of sounds happy, but the lyrics show that the point of the song is trying to hide how one truly feels to those around them.

I think this album topped her last album “Clean” even though many people did not think she could. I would rate Soccer Mommy’s “Color Theory” album a 4.5 out of 5 because I think her album takes a deeper look into her life and how she struggled growing up.