People find safe ways to stay active during the pandemic


Camden Ellingsen

DJ Zeman jumps on a mountain bike trail.

During the whole pandemic so far, the weather has been relatively nice, and being outside was enjoyable.  

As the winter months begin and the worry about getting sick is still there, most indoor places are closing again.  There are some new activities that are available during the winter that are also low risk to keep people healthy.

There are quite a few winter-only activities that are very safe because most of the time they are already spread out even before people had to worry about the pandemic.  These activities include Fat biking and skiing/snowboarding.

This winter, the mountain bike trails at Silver Lake Park in Silver Lake, Wisconsin, will be open to Fat bikes.  These are bikes that are modified to accommodate larger tires so that they are able to ride on top of the snow and not cause damage to trails.  

“Anyone with a bit of courage and a Fat bike can ride in the snow. I have given riding lessons to kids as young as 6 to 70+-year-old adults. Winter riding gets you out in nature during the cold, dreary, restrictive months.” said Angela Martin Brooks, a seasoned biking coach and winter rider.

There are Fat bikes available at any local bike shop, and there are even rentals available. NOTE:  Make sure all bikes are assembled correctly before riding.

Ms. Brooks also runs a youth mountain biking team, and they are always looking for new members to join.  Their website is, and they are called Southeastern Lakes Scholastic Mountain Biking Association.

Another safe activity to do in the winter is skiing or snowboarding.  There is a ski hill just north of here in Wilmot, Wisconsin.  While the park is not open yet, they will be opening sometime this season.

Skiing is one of the best activities to do because it’s almost impossible to get within six feet of another rider without risking a crash or serious injury.  

“Anybody is able to ski with the right attitude. Having a family or friend member that knows how to ski can teach you within a day’s learning. I’ve seen the tiniest of humans all the way to my grandpa’s age out on the slopes,” said Caitlin Pruitt, a worker at Wilmot Mountain.

Just like any cold winter activity, it is important to dress warm because when skiing skiers will be in contact with snow and that will get people wet to have a good day on the slopes.

Ski rentals typically cost about $60, but skiers are able to bring their own stuff.  There may also be ski lessons available, but they are not sure due to COVID-19 regulations.

There are plenty of activities to do during the winter ranging from sledding to snow sculpture building, winter may just be the best season for COVID-19 yet.