Girls swim at Sectionals for North

After countless hours of practice, hard work, and dedication, two girls swam for North at Sectionals. 

Freshman Anastasia Able and junior Cassia Campbell worked very hard to get to Sectionals and compete with all their might. All their hard work paid off and came out with a positive ending. Able swam a 50 freestyle in 27.25, which is a Regional championship qualifying time, and she dropped time in most of her events minus one.

The girls completed a couple of weeks ago in Sectionals at Highland Park High School and have been preparing for this event. They have both prepared themselves by practicing at their pools with their teammates through their clubs. Several other schools that attended Sectionals were several Lake County high schools with many girls from different clubs. 

Before a big meet, they are nervous. A couple of things the girls do to prepare themselves is  “get rest the night before, eat a good breakfast and drink lots of water,” Campbell said. 

 Before she dives into a race she “tried to clear my head of all other thoughts, ” Campbell said.

Able prepares herself by “having positive thoughts,” she said.  Before every meet, she tells herself “you can do this.” That helps her focus her mind and concentrate on the performance with her event.

Positive thoughts can impact your vibe and bring different emotions that fill your body up with adrenalin and help these and many other swimmers stay focused and positive.

At Sectionals, Campbell swam the 50 and 100 freestyle, as well as the 100 butterfly. Able swam in the 500 freestyle and the 100 freestyle. After her event, she believed she ¨did very good,” she said.

Coaches, teammates, and school staff are very proud and happy for the girls and their success and so happy about how far they made it and how well they competed against 16 other schools.