Girls tennis look for strong season finish


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Members of the girls tennis team talk with their coaches before their match begins.

The girls tennis team finished their regular season with an overall record of 8-3. 

The head coach is Jill Tomasello, who has been coaching the girls tennis team  for 16 years now and who has also played tennis along with other curricular activities in her high school time. 

Ms. Tomasello has never had a problem this big with tennis before.

There’s always changes a team can make when a season begins but the “changes that the team had going into this year were restructuring, but the girls were just glad to be there,” Tomasello said. 

Senior Hannah Pawlowski had been playing tennis since she was 7 years old.

 “ I am playing this year because I’m a senior and I want to finish strong, ” Pawlowski said.

Sophomore Bella Moran has decided to play this season even with a pandemic. 

“I just missed it and I missed seeing people, and it gave me the chance and opportunity to fill in a spot for running singles,” Moran said. 

The team chemistry is great overall 

“With the team cheering each other on every match, (they try) to keep each other motivated through this tough time,” Pawlowski said. 

Moran has enjoyed the time she has been playing tennis.

 “Once you start practicing and working at it, it’s pretty easy to move up. I’ve never had a team that is this supportive and with so many clicks throughout the whole team,” Moran said. 

The team overall has been competing and pushing through this tough season.

“They are looking pretty good going into Conference and hope to just compete out there,” Tomasello said. 

 As they handled maintaining chemistry throughout the season, they will push through till the end. 

“The teamwork and spirit we have is better because everyone is just happy to be back,” Bella said. 

The girls will go onto finishing the season with NLCC Conference, then to IHSA Sectionals, and to IHSA State finals. Grayslake North girls tennis finished the season strong going into Conference, starting off by going head and head against North Chicago on October 9, 2020.