Seniors take state-mandated SAT

Seniors came to school on Wednesday, Sept. 22, 2020, to take the SAT that was canceled last April. (Photos by Wes Clevenger and Marcia Meyer)

The seniors made up last year’s state-mandated SAT testing on Wednesday, September 23. 

Students had to wear masks and socially distance themselves during SAT testing. When students arrived at the school, they were escorted to their assigned testing rooms and only allowed to leave with an escort as well. There were only about 4-6 students in each room, and they had to keep the six feet social distance rule.

“You couldn’t really do anything. Like if you were drinking a water, you had to go outside (the classroom) to drink the water,” said senior Daphelie Vernal.   “You had to wear a mask, and when you’re entering the building you’re not just entering. We went by groups. You went with the class you were  in,” Vernal said.

Many proctors had to prepare for this year’s testing. A proctor is a person or teacher who monitors students during a test or exam. They had a zoom meeting before the test to go over testing. Proctors also received an email with the manual in it, which they would read to the seniors. COVID-19 concerns were a very real thing for some of the students and proctors.

“I was pretty concerned with corona. The administration made it pretty clear that this was an important thing to do and that the seniors needed to have taken the SAT to graduate, so I knew that it was something that was important. There was definitely a concern about being like alright; this is the first time being in a building with students,” said teacher and proctor Noah Scibbe.

Keeping a social distance at all times was something that had to be worked around to be able to complete testing.

“I would say the hardest part was staying a social distance and staying socially distanced away from students. There were certain parts of the test where I had to make sure that students filled in certain codes and when I would collect materials. I knew that I had to be within that six feet socially distancing rule. I was wearing my mask and they were wearing their mask, but that was probably the most difficult thing was to not get close to people,” said Meg Lopez, a Spanish teacher and proctor. 

Seniors were excited to be able to return to school even if it was for a test. Students and teachers both thought that the test went well and were excited to be able to see everyone again.