Review: 3%


Netflix has a variety of original shows like “Stranger Things,” but the company also creates originals from other countries. 

The Brazilian show “3%” is a Netflix original set in a dystopian world where the world is separated into two places. 

Most of the population resides in the Inland where everyone fends for themselves as they live in extreme poverty and hunger. The other place is called the Offshore where all is beautiful and peaceful and where a person can live out their happiest desires. 

Each year, the Offshore holds a process that young adults at the age of 20 can go through to get their chance to live in the Offshore. The harsh reality of the process is that only three percent of that year’s pool of candidates make it through. 

The Offshore wants only the best out of the selected pool of people that year, and they measure the skills of each person by running tests. If a group or person fails a single test, then they are limited and must return to the Inland.  

The show follows a young girl by the name of Michele Santana (Bianca Comparato) who enters the process determined to make the three percent. The show slowly begins to reveal her secrets and motives behind why she had decided to go through the process after her brother, Andre Santana (Bruno Fagundes), died during his. 

This show carries an interesting concept and does an amazing job at bringing in diverse characters to give the show more depth. There is depth in race and also in character personality and development. The show may introduce a character as a bad guy and then somehow the audience is left loving the character after some time; and then hate them again…and then like them again. Each character is interesting with a unique back story. 

As well as great characters, the plot is always interesting, keeping the audience on the edge of their seats for most, if not all episodes. Oftentimes, the way things are going will make the audience think the show is taking a turn into something and then there will be a plot twist. After that the audience is left thinking something new, but then another twist happens, and it becomes complete chaos. 

It can be hard to catch up on what’s going on at times if subtitles run fast, but a lot of the plot is kept left in the dark until the final reveal.

“3%” is also a great way to start expanding the horizons on what a person likes to watch. Lots of people who don’t speak the language of something may not enjoy watching subtitles or putting in the effort to read them, but this show is a great way to ease a person into watching shows in other languages. The plot immediately draws a person in, keeping them wanting to watch more. 

So far “3%” has three seasons and has been renewed for a fourth season. It is expected to come out sometime between August and December of 2020.