TV Review: Friends

Friends is a TV show with six main characters that aired from 1994-2004. The characters are Racheal Green played by Jennifer Aniston, Monica Geller played by Courtney Cox, Phoebe Buffay played by Lisa Kudrow, Joey Tribbiani played by Matt LeBlanc, Chandler Bing played by Mathew Perry, and Ross Geller played by David Schwimmer. 

The show starts out in a coffee shop called Central Perk; it’s a play on words because it is next to Central Park. Many adventures happen in this coffee shop through the years of friendships. Rachel comes running in the coffee shop soaking wet and in a wedding dress right after Ross talks about how he just wants to be married again. Chandler then jokes that he just wants a million dollars hoping that his wish will be granted as well. Monica recognizes Racheal, who was her old high school friend and Ross’s secret crush for years. Racheal is relieved to see Monica and say how she can’t marry her fiance Barry. 

Racheal decides that she is going to live with Monica unbeknownst to her. Rachel was cut off from her father’s money and had to find a job because of this. Through all this she makes friends with everyone. Chandler and Joey live across the hall from them, and Ross is sister with Monica and still in love with Racheal. Ross and Racheal’s journey has many twists and turns through breakups, breaks, cheating, then marriage and divorce. Will they end up together in the end? One thing is for sure through all these ups and downs of their friendships, is that they love their friends. They are always there for each other and always get through the hard times together. Through sad times or laughing moments, these friends can help you smile, or make you want to cry, but in a good way.