Students, teachers explain their own social media use

Students, teachers explain their own social media use

What does social media mean to you? Many people are asked this question on a daily basis, but most people say the same thing. They use it to keep in contact, to find out news, and to figure out what to do. The views of social media are very hit or miss. Some people hate it. Some people can’t live without it, but most people have it. Why is that?

One reason people use forms of social media is to be informed on world events. When talking to high school students, they said that while their lives would be easier without social media, they would have a hard time being aware of the events affecting the world around them.

“Social media is important to me because it’s often where people our age get their news from. So it’s just how we’re educated on what’s going on around the world through social media,” said senior Kaiyla Spencer.

Many teens also find social media a great form of self-expression.

“It’s a place where I can feel open about what I do, and I don’t care what people think. I can just put myself out there,” said junior Jasmine Kemp.

One very amazing thing about social media is the range of people and culture people can be exposed to.

“With social media, you get to have friends on there from other places that you’ve probably never been before. You get to meet new people, and I like to use it because I get to post whatever I want,” Spencer said.

Social media, being a worldwide form of connection, makes it even more important for people.
“It’s so open to everyone, like anyone can use it,” Kemp said..

Every high school student interviewed said that yes it would be easier to not have social media while a teacher said it would be harder. This took me by surprise based on how the younger generation is connected with social media and phones.

“It (would be easier to not have social media) because I wouldn’t constantly be browsing. I’d have more time for other things,” said sophomore Katelyn Cimaglio v.s. what Melissa Smith the health teacher said here at Grayslake North. “I feel social media makes it easier to stay in contact with people therefore it’s going to make it harder (to not have social media).”

“I feel like I’d get a lot more done like in school, but I wouldn’t know what’s going on around the world with celebrities and politics,” said Kemp as well as Spencer who said a similar thing, “I think it would benefit me to not have social media. Like physically I’d actually have more time to do things but mentally its all im going to think about.”

The main recurring theme when asking people what social media means to them is that they all use it to keep in touch with someone.

“I use it to keep in contact with friends and family, even at long distance. It means a way to express myself and a way for me to keep in touch with the people close to me,” said sophomore Wyatt Johnson.

These students spend an average of 4 and a half hours a day on social media. While Mrs. Smith spends only an hour a day on social media.