Movie Review: The Notebook

“The Notebook” is a romance movie starring Rachel McAdams, who plays Allie, and Ryan Gosling, who plays Noah. The movie begins at a nursing home, where Duke comes to read to another patient. He reads her the story of Noah and Allie, starting with where they met, at the carnival. Automatically Noah notices Allie, and he stops at nothing for her to agree to going on a date with him. He even dangles himself off a Ferris wheel to get her to agree. Noah later sees Allie asking about their date and hears her say she isn’t going and that she changed her mind, but his friend helps get her to the movies so they can go on their date. One of the most important parts of this movie, in my opinion, is when Noah walks Allie home after the movies and they lay in the street watching the traffic lights. I believe this is the moment they fell in love. 

This movie exemplifies that no matter how hard it gets to stay together or to find one another again, love is all you need to bring you back together time and time again. Being together all summer they learned secrets about each other, about their truths and how connections can be forged when you find your soulmate. You can see how much love they share between the two of them, even though their love was forbidden by Allie’s parents. 

Loving someone with all your heart will never stop you from being together. This movie is a testament to how “the heart wants what it wants.” Later in life they find each other. Noah built his dream house, and Allie gets married. However, they agreed to be friends. When Allie confronts Noah asking why he didn’t write to her, Noah says he wrote her 365 letters; he wrote her every day for a year. He says, “It wasn’t over; it still isn’t over.” And he kisses her. Falling back into each other’s arms, once more Allie must make a choice between the love she once had and the man whom she promised to marry. She chose the love of her life, Noah. 

We find out later, that Duke, the one reading the story, is really Noah and he’s reading to Allie. They are both older and sick, Allie has dementia and Noah has a heart attack; however, for one last night Allie remembers Noah, and their love takes them in their sleep.

This movie is an amazing tribute to true love. I hadn’t watched this movie until recently because I thought it was going to be cheesy, but it was everything but that. “The Notebook” taps into the time era and contributes funny and sad moments, and the most important is a story of love. Their love was forbidden from Allie’s parents; her mom went as far as to hide Noah’s letters when they arrived in the mail. Noah was a country boy and Allie was a city girl, but they fell in love and grew old together, and in the end, died together.