Time is running out to sign up for the AAPPL exam

The AAPPL exam is currently offered 3 times a year at Grayslake North High School. This exam is taken in the World Language Lab and has been growing in popularity in recent years due to an Illinois Law that was passed. This law requires Illinois colleges and universities to award credit to students who have achieved this impressive distinction. The exam tests all four language domains; reading, writing, speaking and listening skills. If a student passes the exam with an Intermediate High score or above in all four domains, they have completed the first requirement for the biliterate seal. The other component of this exam is that students must show English proficiency on the SAT (540), ACCESS or the AAPPL (in English) exam. When a student has met both requirements, they will earn the biliterate seal on their transcript and a special seal on their diploma indicating this achievement. Achieving the seal brings many benefits including a more competitive college application and of course saving a lot of money. Furthermore, many of our students have been able to earn a minor by taking only one class at the university or college! This is definitely something that will set you apart on a resume when you enter the work force.
We also offer this exam in other languages. If you speak a language other than French, German or Spanish, please check to see if we test in that language. We have had 2 students achieve the seal in Polish!
World Languages are a vital part of our global society and allow for a more well-rounded perspective of the world. In addition, it is advantageous to be able to speak to and connect with those from other countries and cultures. Finally, it is just plain fun!
Please seek out any World Language teacher with questions!