Lewis Capaldi music review

Lewis Capaldi is a singer-songwriter who wrote the album Divinely Uninspired to a Hellish Extent. The album is amazing and heartfelt. It represents love and the feeling of being left behind by someone. Every song has a different heartfelt message, telling a story through words.
“Bruises” is about how being left by his love has made breathing feel useless. He’s been told to forget her, but he holds on to hope as it slowly disappears. The listener can tell he is having an internal battle on how his love for her is lost but cannot have just disappeared. He becomes lost in his love, even though he’s nothing to her. His life is slowly slipping and freezing his heart, making his love the only thing that can save him, but it’s also the thing that drags him down.
“Someone You Loved” is about how being left has made the days and nights bleed together, how loving someone with everything or nothing has driven him crazy, and how he wants someone to love him so much like he used to, but now that he’s someone she used to love, he has to get through everything by himself.
These songs tap into how beautiful and messy love is, and how trying to figure it out can help you rise or make you fall. Lewis Capaldi has amazing words to express these emotions to make you feel touched by his words. His music is beautiful and filled with self expression, making every song have a deeper meaning.