First annual dodgeball tournament is a success


Alexis Rios- Ayala

The winning team poses as they win the tournament.

The first annual dodgeball tournament took place on Friday, November 22. Created by senior Zeryck Runyon, the idea was thought up as an assignment where he had to market something on social media and ended up being a community event with over $105 in proceeds. Participation in the event cost $10 a team or $5 a person, with teams of up to eight people.

When introduced to the project, Runyon knew that it would be a good idea to highlight something that was overlooked within the school community.

“I came up with the idea of a fundraiser, and then I thought of who needed the most fundraising in the school which is where I came up with Special Olympics because they don’t get much credit other than The Big Game,” Runyon said.

The proceeds being directed toward the Special Olympics team were greatly appreciated as it was needed especially then.

“I know right now we just had to get new jerseys for the kids, and that kind of depleted us pretty well. We also plan to have an end of the year activities,” said sponsor Alison Barker.

The event was a standard game of dodgeball and consisted of seven teams ultimately leading to the victory of the “Purple Cobras.”

“I think it was a really cool event, and it was cool to see how serious people can be about dodgeball,” said freshman Domingo Rios.