“The Outsiders” premieres to three almost sold out audiences

On Sunday, November 10, the play “The Outsiders” finished with three performances from the entire cast. It was only a three day showing due to Friday’s being canceled after Grayslake lost water pressure and was under a boil order.

The cast took down the set after Sunday’s showing.

The theater program raised $215 for the Lake County Suicide Prevention Task Force.

Many actors had favorite moments throughout their experience.

“My favorite moment about the play was probably me screaming at Ponyboy. I had fun with it. I tried really developing that character and trying to fit into the shows of Darry Curtis, and I loved it,” said Nick Broege, a senior who played Darry. Nick had never tried out for a play before and was very surprised and pleased from getting his role as Darrel a.k.a Darry Curtis.

The lead Dylan Morris, a junior who played Ponyboy Curtis said that his favorite moment on stage was “probably my scene with Aaron Stone. Me and him just did really good that whole scene. Backstage was probably the weird conversations we would have in the boys dressing room before we went on stage. Just bonding with everyone was a big part of my enjoyment.”

He later states that the hardest part about practicing was patience.

“I really love acting, so waiting for everyone, me included, to get their lines down so we could really get into it was probably the most difficult,” Morris said.

“The performances (are the best part of the play), seeing it all come together with all the set and costumes, and design elements of lighting and sound. That the students are able to have their own small area where they excel and where their interests are and that they are able to give that to the company and the production, and put it all together for an audience to enjoy,” said director Clare McConville.

They are starting up their next play soon, and Mrs. McConville wants students to try out. She says if students are thinking about trying out, they should do it.

-Danielle Broege