Soccer ends season in Regionals

The boys soccer team started off the season with a rough start, but they worked to finish the season strong.
The team finished the season 6-12-2, and they hosted Regionals against Wauconda on Thursday, October 24. Head varsity coach Adam DeCaluwe said the team worked hard and continued to show signs of progress.
“So far we have played quality soccer more than not, but unfortunately we have had some struggles in front of goal, whether it be struggling to find our finishing touch in front of our opponent’s goal or reacting quick enough to clear a ball from in front of our goal. The boys worked hard and continued to show signs of progress. We want to play better today than we did yesterday, and the boys (worked) hard to make that a reality,” DeCaluwe said.
Senior Omar Cordova is playing in his tenth year of soccer and his first year ever playing football this season. The transition from playing and practicing both soccer and football is relatively easy for Cordova because football has the same aspects in soccer. Cordova practices for the soccer team most of the time and then transitions to put on the pads and helmet so he can kick field goals for the varsity football team.
“Playing football and soccer is different from what I’m used to, but it is easy for me to adjust because in soccer I have a different role than compared for football. In soccer I have to play mid-field, where in football I’m just the kicker, and I have to focus on making sure the ball goes through the uprights. One little part of soccer is put into the other sport so that makes me comfortable transitioning from soccer to football,” Cordova said.
Senior Alex Kagay was very excited about going into the post season of soccer.
“The team felt really ready for Regionals (against Wauconda), although the team was kinda disappointed that Omar (Cordova) couldn’t play,” Kagay said.
Sadly their season ended with a 1-0 lost against Wauconda.
“It was a tough battle, but the better team won,” Kagay said.