Gym classes offer self-defense training

There is a self-defense class offered during some gym periods for girls. This class is run by Carolyn Gaffke, physical education and certified self-defense teacher, who will be showing girls how to defend themselves in dangerous situations.
“It’s a really great course for all women to take,” Gaffke said.
Many people agree with her opinion, all believing that violence against women is something that needs to be prevented.
“I think it is very important for us to protect ourselves,” said senior Nina Nielson.
And other classmates of hers agree and are expressing the importance that self-defense has.
“People don’t realize how important self-defense is, but I think that it’s such a wonderful thing, and more girls should have the opportunity to be educated about it,” said senior Kylie Page
These young women are taught about not only how to defend themselves but also about social situations to be aware of.
“As students are aging, they may be in different situations, and we talk about ways we can put ourselves in vulnerable spots and how to avoid that,” Gaffke said.
“We talk a lot about self-esteem issues and what a healthy versus unhealthy relationship looks like, which is really nice,” Nielson said.
The class is empowering to all girls participating and is meant to change the lives of these young women.
“I definitely feel stronger and more confident about myself now that I know I can do absolutely anything,” Page said.
“I want to give my students confidence,” Gaffke said.
Students all agree that although they hope to never have to use these skills, they are grateful to know them.
“I hope in the future I will never have to use what I’m learning, but in the case that I do, I am very glad I am taking [this class],” Nielson said.
“This class will always be really special to me because I know that I’ll be prepared if anything were to happen to me because you never know what could happen,” Page said.
This class is overall a great opportunity and will ultimately benefit the young women who participate in it.
“The world is changing, and you never know what can happen.You always want to feel prepared for the worst, and I feel like this course really does that for me. The ability to protect yourself is such a wonderful thing to have,” Page said.