Riverdale review

Season 4 of “Riverdale” kicked off this season with an episode tribute to Luke Perry, who passed away during the last season. Luke Perry, who played Fred Andrews, Archie Andrews’ father, had an episode to commemorate his character. This episode brought me to tears. It was a very emotional scene for KJ Apa to act through. It was emotional because it was their last sendoff to Luke Perry. They talk about how even though he’s gone, he will always be a part of “Riverdale.” Castmates showed their love and devotion for their past castmate by talking about how he made their lives better.
“Riverdale” is on every Wednesday night on the CW. It is a teen drama series based on the characters of the Archie Comics. This includes Veronica, Betty, Jughead, and Archie as the main characters. This show is full of mystery, drama, and suspense, so it will definitely keep you on your toes for what’s next. Now, to be honest, I got concerned during season 3 when they brought in Griffins & Gargoyles to the plot of the show, but they keep the show moving and were able to grab my attention again and again. Griffins & Gargoyles is a board game that brought murder mysteries to the town in mass number. The game had people doing quests and trying to ascend.
This show brings into play the average teenage drama and then multiplies it by 10 by adding death, murder and crime into this small town. My favorite part of the show is the adventures that Betty and Jughead went on. They both have to grow up a lot due to their spiralling lives.
Season 4 is starting off with their first day of senior year. Betty’s working with her half brother in FBI to find her mother who has been kidnapped by the farm, a cult masquerading as people who try to help you solve your emotional state; Jughead is going to a new school; Veronica might go to jail for her crimes to put her father away; and Archie might finally decide what he’s doing with his life by continuing to run a boxing gym.
I hope “Riverdale” has many more seasons to come.