Student creates haunted hallway

This year, senior Nick Broege did a haunted hallway during STEAM night. STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math and more. Nick Broege, the creator of the haunted hallway, came up with this idea to tie into the Art aspect of STEAM. He has been collecting his own Halloween decor, designing and making everything for the hallway. In the haunted hallway, students started by walking through the door, and as people did, people scared, screamed, and blew horns.

Nick Broege created the whole hallway only using a few purchased items to help tie it all together.

“You’re going to enter a doorway that’s very faded and old with Gargoyles hanging down with a sign of shrap metal that relays the name, ‘The Haunted Hallway’. You’re going to come in and not know what will be jumping out at you,” said Broege, who designed the hallway.

To be able to do the haunted hallway, Broege’s idea had to go through the department and the department chairs. Once they decided it was a good idea, it had to get accepted by the administration, our principals. STEAM was meant to overall bring the community together.

“We try to look for different opportunities and ways to engage the community and get students involved in the school outside of class experiences,” said the art teacher, Kelly Bott.

In the haunted hallway there were people scaring everyone, making it more interactive. Two students, one who was a scarer in the haunted hallway and another involved in facepainting.

“It’s good to get involved in school and to help bring people in and just have fun,“ said Makayla Ryan, a face painter at STEAM.

“[The haunted hallway is] not that scary, and you could definitely (have) come; you (could) handle it,” said Diego Albarran; a scarer in the haunted hallway.

There were many activities going on during STEAM. Students could have gotten a makeup wound, done a pottery wheel, got face painted, made slime and ice cream, and do engineering projects like make a tower out of toothpicks and candy pumpkins or a bridge out of paper. The event was on October 22 and was on the second floor. The haunted hallway was down the hall from the culinary room and the black box. The school might be doing something like the haunted hallway again, and if they do, Nick just might be there.