North sets new school policies


At the start of the year, North has made a couple of significant changes. Two of the main changes are the new dress code and the new and ‘improved’ parking lot.
With all the new modifications at North, the question remains as to when, why, and how will this affect the student body and staff.
When asked about the new dress code, many of the students did not know much, except for the fact that they can now wear hats. Many students do not know much about how this came to be nor the mission of the deans and administration.
The goals for the new dress code and parking lot is to create more individuality amongst students and to create a safer environment where security guards and teachers can focus on maintaining a good learning environment and keeping outside forces from interrupting. Theo Hayes, site supervisor, said the catalyst for all this change is the attempted walk out protest two years ago.
“The administration was hesitant, but they had to realize that times are changing and ask are we (staff) outdated with our views,” Hayes said.
As a school, the number one priority is our education. It does not matter how we look as we receive the information.
“The focus should be education, not skirts,” Hayes said.
Associate principal Meg Licht and the rest of the administration wants the students to be secure in themselves and wants them to feel heard.
“Everyone is always so quick to judge. We needed a reminder that skin is just skin. Showing shoulder isn’t a crime now a days,” Licht said.
So with the passion of the administration, and their meetings on meetings with deans, Central, parents, and the Board, the school was able to adopt the Oregon Now Dress Code and join other schools like Evanston, allowing students to be stress free and grow into young adults. This also allows deans like Linda Vecchie to have better relationships with her students,
“Because we aren’t harassing them about what they are wearing… and they can choose to cover their hair on a bad hair day,” Vecchie said.
According to Licht, the new changes were made purely for the safety and security of the students.
“(With the new parking lot) we’ve been able to solve six fender benders that would have otherwise gone unsolved and ensure everyone who is on campus is supposed to be here,’’ Licht said..
Deans, students, and principals all have ideas for the future of the parking lot to brighten up the North’s atmosphere. According to the deans, there is an idea of using a ‘choice of parking spot’ as a reward system for those who achieve certain standards.
The students have a more basic idea of seniors get first choice.
“I want students in the future to be able to design, paint, or customize (their) parking spot,” Licht said.
North is opening the doors more to people of race, creed, color and religion by allowing them to express themselves through multiple avenues. The deans are open to new ideas.
Students would like to see one more change to the dress code policy.
For example, “Why not hoods?” said senior Jamon Thomas.