MUSE allows students to showcase creativity

Ian Doyle
Student band Vivid Vision prepares to perform at MUSE.

The various fine arts clubs and classes around the school held their annual art show MUSE on May 1, celebrating all of the art and creativity of their students.

In the balcony above the cafeteria, various photos, paintings, and sculptures were put on display for the whole week. Awards were given out to creative and well-made pieces the night before it is open to the community, and viewers could leave notes on certain pieces as well.

“Other groups are performance based, and although our students perform in class, this is their grand performance. This culminating experience of having a show and seeing it hung up, it’s a little more special than just an average display. They can bring their family and friends to see their work, and they’re proud of it,” said art teacher Susan Foecking.

Many other events took place at the art show as well. Along with some students who did face paintings in the cafeteria, there were also pinch pots, wheel throwing, and even a raffle for student made art.

With a lot of art to showcase, a lot has to be done to prepare for it. Things like the theme, the schedule, and even practicing painting for the face painters is needed to keep things running smoothly.

“Art Club has been doing a lot for months, including getting new designs ready for face painting because we put a new theme on it this year. The theme is space, so there were space related face paint designs. There’s been a lot of planning on Art Club’s end,” said Art Club sponsor Kelly Bott. “The main goal here is to try and get things more interactive where you can come through and view the artwork, but also interact with it in new ways.”

MUSE is just one of the art shows held at the school, but it is one of the few with its own interactive side for visitors to make art themselves when they visit. This inclusive art show has a little bit of something for everybody.

“It’s an opportunity to celebrate the kids’ work and to celebrate creativity in general. Whether it’s art, music, drama, or any other type of creativity, we’ll have some writing, some design, and a few other things,” said visual arts teacher Randal Sweitzer.

Students who are interested in being featured at MUSE or other art shows in the future should consider taking a fine art class in future years to learn how to make their own pieces and have a spot in the show.