Can conspiracy theories be trusted?

The world is full of mysteries around every corner, and no single person may truly understand the ways in which the world works. While some people like to believe the world is flat or that reptiles have taken over the government, conspiracy theories like these are highly unlikely. One very popular conspiracy theory suggests that the Earth is flat. There are many easy ways to disprove the flat Earth theory, such as being able to see things going over the horizon or where the sun and other stars are visible at different times. Flat Earthers claim that the government hides the truth from them and that’s why we are all convinced it’s round. The best thing to pick this whole theory a part is a few quick questions: Why? Why would the government do that? Who would that help?

In 1969, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin landed the Apollo Lunar Module Eagle on the moon, supposedly. Many people don’t believe that it’s even possible to get to the moon, but that NASA wanted to convince the world they could. The theory goes that NASA shot the video on a movie set and used special effects. Unfortunately, this theory holds about as much weight as the last one if you just ask “why”?

Most interesting of all is the theory of reptile people. Essentially, it’s a belief that people all over the Earth, especially higher ranking people, have been replaced by highly intelligent reptile people. It is possible that this could happen if they have disguises that are convincing, but how did they get here? What are they after? Power? However it came to be that reptiles of all things were controlling us, it’s just highly unlikely that they were organized enough to do it without showing a single blatant sign.

No matter one’s point of view on these issues or other mysteries, just think them through a little bit. It’s important to stay educated and learn as much as possible about the world, whatever one believes. No one really wants to live on a flat disk full of reptile people with no way out to other planets anyway.