The Grinch review

“How the Grinch Stole Chrstmas” is probably classified as an all-time classic when it comes to holiday movies. Being first created by the well-known children’s author Dr. Seuss in 1957, it was designed into an animated version a few years later in the year 1966, a live action adaptation in 2000 [portrayed by Jim Carrey] and even a Broadway musical.

This finally leads us to the newest addition “The Grinch,” which came out this past month. This version features many celebrity voice actors making up the cast, such as Rashida Jones [Donna] and Pharrell Williams [the narrator] and of course the Grinch voiced by Benedict Cumberbatch and Cindy Lou Who voiced by child actor Cameron Seely.

The original plot is kept mostly the same; a grumpy green grinch on top of Mt. Krumpet hates Whoville, the Whos and the whole Christmas season. As a way to stop it, he decides to steal Christmas to stop it from coming. This remake, however, focuses on the family of Cindy Lou in more detail.

Unfortunately, the Grinch wasn’t as nasty as some people had expected from the live-action or even the original, which makes sense since it was created for the children demographic. It does makes up for the lack of nastiness with some sarcastic moments along with some heart-warming ones. One prime example of the Grinch’s early change of heart is how he treated his dog Max, who is seen as a bother to the Grinch and is usually pushed to the side until it’s convenient in the originals. But now Max is seen with him throughout the whole movie and is actually cared about by the Grinch.

The movie features remastered classics, such as “You’re A Mean One, Mr. Grinch” and a new addition called “I am the Grinch,” both composed by the rapper, Tyler, the Creator. Having both songs being reinvented by Tyler, the Creator is probably the best choice that the production team has made when it comes to the movie.

Overall, though, pushing aside the small flaw of no hardcore nastiness and ‘evilness,’ I truly enjoyed watching the movie and would definitely watch it again if I got the chance.