Tina Woolard wins Athletic Director of the Year


Athletic director Tina Woolard received the award for Athletic Director of the Year through the Illinois Athletic Directors Association.
“[I] feel honored to be recognized by [my] peers and by people that I respect,” Woolard said. She does appreciate being acknowledged by fellow athletic directors. “It’s an honor to be recognized for what I do and love and for the time and effort I put into this school.”
The process of choosing the Athletic Director of the Year happens through the Illinois Athletic Directors Association. After picking nominees for the award, the other athletic directors in the area then go to a meeting and vote for the winner which is decided at the end of the meeting. Woolard will be awarded this honor at the next meeting in May. Even though she enjoys her job, sometimes it’s difficult since she’s the only athletic director in the school. Fortunately, she does go to IADA meetings where she can talk with other athletic directors to talk about ideas and get feedback. Woolard didn’t celebrate alone coming back from the award ceremony; some fellow teachers at the school set up a small party for her.
“It was a little embarrassing at the moment, but I did enjoy it,” Woolard said. As the school’s athletic director, Woolard’s
job is just a bunch wrapped into one. For example, she does the planning for the sports teams and their game days. That’s making game schedules for every team sport that Grayslake North has. Whether it’s a home game or an away game, she thinks it through and plans everything it out.
Before working here, she previously worked as a teacher and coach at Central and Round Lake before transferring over to North and has worked here since the school opened. Although her job is constantly keeping her busy, she says that she loves it wouldn’t do anything else.
“I do what I do because I love my job,”
Woolard said.