The importance of having a hobby

One of the most important traits to have that is majorly overlooked is having a hobby, but having some free time is valuable as well. Having something to be passionate about and really enjoy can help someone calm down, stay focused, and remember why they put in the hard work they do in a school or work environment. Personally, theatre and bowling are my two main hobbies, but I’m trying something new this year, some more free time.
Though I will miss it, this year I’m giving up bowling. It was one of the best parts of my junior year, but it can be hard to keep up with multiple hobbies and school work at the same time. Theatre has already taken up a lot of time for me this year, and bowling is just starting up. It is important to know limits when trying out new things. I also discovered some new interests, like photography, that will need a bit more time to do.
The main reasoning for all of
this is to get more free time back, but that made me think of something. What is free time if it’s not these activities? I think it’s important to think of what truly makes someone relaxed and happy to know what their true hobbies are. If there are responsibilities that come with a hobby, is it really a hobby? I still enjoy bowling and theatre just as much, but I really wonder if I’ll be happy with my choice this year.
I’m going to try to use my time to improve grades and take time to relax, but people really should evaluate what makes them happy. I didn’t realize it, but I wanted to drop something this year. It felt better knowing I would have that time to myself. So, in the end, although I will miss out on some fun times with the team, I’m still putting myself first this year. I’d highly recommend others to as well.