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I was walking my dog recently and saw some guys fishing in a pond, right next to the “No Fishing” sign. Soon after, I was at a local forest preserve with my kids who saw the “Parents – Please Don’t Allow Your Children to Climb on this Rock” sign, right next to a bunch of kids climbing on the rock.
Why does it seem like some people feel that the rules are optional for them?
I have to assume that there’s a good reason there’s a No Fishing sign by the pond. Just like I’m sure some kid had fallen off the rock and gotten hurt, and the forest preserve put up the sign to prevent others from getting hurt.
The point is that the experts in charge in both of these situations were ignored.
Closer to home, I see this happening at GNHS in a disturbing way.
As much as it may be tough to see in high school, your teachers plan lessons and grade papers with your best interests in mind. You may not want to do that assignment, but I hope you trust that your teacher thinks that assignment is necessary for you to succeed in the class.
You may want to wear that hat, but the school has some pretty convincing reasons why you shouldn’t.
Please trust that the GNHS faculty and staff has your best interests in mind and follow our rules. Can it really be all that much fun fishing in a retention pond anyways?

Dustin Zubert, English Teacher

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