Isa Kregel Senior Goodbye

In my four years of high school, I
learned that everyone has many types of
friends: those you meet in activities, those
who only talk to you in school, and those
who actually hang out with you.
From the start of my freshman year to
the end of my senior year, I definitely have
less of each type now. But things change,
and I sure learned how to deal with them
and move on with life.
It’s important to value these relationships
we make throughout our lifetime no
matter how long they last.
I would like to say goodbye to those
relationships and a sweet goodbye to the
relationships I have made with teachers
like Mrs. Smith and Ms. Galluzzi. There is
no doubt that I’ve been significantly driven
crazy with their deadlines and assignments,
but there’s no doubt that they have
helped me immensely in becoming a better
writer, student, and a better person.