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Hosting is popular job for students

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A teen getting a job while still in high school is common, though many who have never entered the workforce wonder what kind of job they would be readily able to do. Many restaurants have someone to greet a customer at the door, show them their seat, and make their overall experience at the establishment a good one. This is called hosting. Hosting is a popular jobs teens can apply for, and working in this field is reality for senior Anna Taylor, who works at RJ’s Eatery in Lindenhurst, and the job keeps her busy.
“I [got the job because I] needed money, and I also wanted some leadership experience in the service industry,” Taylor said.
Although getting a job may be beneficial to a student, it may also lead to wondering how balancing a job, school work, and social life is possible.
“I make time to study with friends to kill two birds with one stone. I also will plan ahead to get work done ahead of time if I know I have work the following night,” Taylor said.
Students, according to Taylor, should not take up more than they can handle when looking for a job, as this could be detrimental to more than just their life.
“If [the job] won’t impact your mental health negatively, (get this job). Do not do anything you can’t handle, but if you have the time and energy, it is an amazing opportunity,” Taylor said.
Getting a job while one is still in school can teach a student more skills that they can use later in life.
“[Hostessing] has taught me the importance of social interaction even in the slightest ways, like holding the door can make someone’s day.”
A student’s first job does not have to be remotely related to the field they want to go into, Taylor proves.
“I want to major in French in college and become an interpreter, or possibly do research on the process of birth and child development,” said Taylor.

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Hosting is popular job for students