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Rainbow Six Siege review

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Rainbow Six Siege is another title in Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six series. Yet it plays like no other game in the series. It is a multiplayer focused, skill based first person shooter that can go from Call of Duty styled fast paced gameplay to Battlefield styled slow paced gameplay.

Rainbow Six Siege first launched on December 1, 2015, by Ubisoft Montreal. Since the release, the game has kept and maintain its player base. Siege started low in popularity, and over the years kept rising and rising until it bursted out on to the ESports scene thanks to its gameplay that is like no other game. It is known for its destructibility and unpredictability. One second you can be looking at a wall and the next second that wall will have a hole exploded into it. You can also prevent that from happening by reinforcing the the walls and covering the doors in barricades. The whole match can be decided by the correct placement by one or two barricades or reinforcement walls more often than simply out gunning your opponent. This would be called out playing your opponent.

Choosing the correct operator (Character) also plays into Siege’s destructibility, barricades, and reinforcements. When the game first launched there were only 21 operators. Now to date there are 36. They are classed by attacking and defending operators. Then they fall into subclasses, three armour one speed, two armour 2 speed, 1 armour and three speed. All of the operators have their nicknames like Ash, Rook, Jager, Montagne, (Lord) Tachanka, Fuze, etc, and they all have their own ability that will impact how the game is played. For example, Thermite can use a special breaching charge that can break through reinforced walls. All of them add to the rounds and one well placed breaching charge can change the tides of the round.

Rainbow Six Siege is a great game, but that doesn’t mean that it isnt full of bugs. Siege is known to every once in a while get a game breaking bug but they are always fixed quickly, except for Ash’s hitboxes. Those never will get fixed. I love this game, but I also hate it at the same time. It can have those moments where it messes you up or takes your 1v5 clutch away or just gives you the 1v5 clutch. I give Rainbow Six Siege 8/10.

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Rainbow Six Siege review