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Academic Team places first in NLCC

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Academic Team places first in NLCC

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Grayslake North’s very own Academic Team placed first in the NLCC Competition at Lakes High School on Jan. 24.

The Academic Team competes in tournament style competitions of trivia knowledge with six different categories: Math, Science, Fine Art, Social Studies, Literature, and Miscellaneous.

“I have charts ranging from the capitals of 100 countries to a chart of Italian operas. Preparing is super difficult because you never know if the questions will be evenly mixed in terms of topics or have a large amount of questions pertaining to one subject,” said senior Samantha Harvey

Megan Stenberg is the coach and Evelyn Amelio is the assistant coach. This year is Stenburg’s second year as a coach while it is Amelio’s sixth year as an assistant coach.

“We help by doing practice rounds at practice. You can practice strategy but it’s hard to really practice for a meet because you never know what kind of questions are going to be asked,” said assistant coach Evelyn Amelio.

The teams competing only have 10 seconds to answer a question; if the team who ‘buzzes in’ first answers the question correctly, they have the chance to answer bonus questions.

“The best thing about helping the team is just being involved with such smart kids that love to learn. The kids on the teams are just really full of so much knowledge. It amazes me sometimes,” said Amelio.

Every question answered correctly gains the 10 points so whichever team has the most points at the end of the competition wins.

“It can get a bit stressful, seeing how quickly the tables can turn during a game, but we always have a lot of fun while competing,” said senior Jessica Yun.

This year’s Academic team was the first time in Grayslake North’s history to get first place.

“I am very happy that we finally won first place after so many years of dedication and hope that it will be an ongoing trend for later competitions,” said Yun.

Up next for them is competing for a spot in Regionals.

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Academic Team places first in NLCC