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Cast Away review

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Released in 2000 and directed by Robert Zemeckis, “Cast Away” stars Tom Hanks as Chuck Noland, a FedEx executive who spends two-thirds of the movie alone stranded on an island after his plane headed for Malaysia crashes in the Pacific Ocean during a really bad storm. His only friend on the island is a volleyball that he named Wilson.

Once stranded on the Island, he discovers that he is alone. He doesn’t say anything except for hello when adventuring the the island. Tom Hanks, being the great actor that he is, goes a really long time without saying a word, which is hard for most actors to do. The movie’s theme is really summed up in two words: Cast Away. Chuck Noland is cast away from society and marooned on a island in the South Pacific Ocean where he is stuck for four years. As the movie goes on, he gets noticeably thinner and his hair and beard are grown out. Tom Hanks actually loses 50 pounds and grows out his hair and beard for the role of Noland.

Emotion is a key part of this movie. When trying to make fire, he cuts open his hand, gets mad, gets up, kicks stuff, and uses his bloody hand to throw the volleyball away. This is the creation of Wilson which becomes his emotional outlet whom he talks to all the time and brings everywhere with him. Nolan is also obsessed with time. In fact Nolan says, “We live and die by time, don’t we Wilson?” Continuing with emotion, Tom Hanks is able to show it perfectly at every moment in the story.

To be honest, there are not too many gripes that I have about this movie. So few that they’re not worth mentioning. I would recommend you give “Cast Away” a watch. 9/10.

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Cast Away review