Cheerleaders place second

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Cheerleading competition season is right around the corner, and the girls took on their first competition on Dec. 3 at Crystal Lake Central and won second place.
“We compete all throughout December and January and then our State finals are the first weekend in February this year,” said varsity cheer coach Jennifer Garza.
As the season for cheerleading starts and senior year slowly starts coming to an end, for some girls on the team they try their best to enjoy it with their team.
“I want to have fun as well as be successful. I want to enjoy every practice, game and every competition. I want us to be the best we have ever been and end my senior year with the best group of girls I could have by my side,” said senior Brianna Torres.
Some girls have set goals for themselves and will try to achieve them throughout the season.
“We know amongst ourselves that we are the best Grayslake North varsity cheer team to be at this school and think we just want to prove to ourselves how good we truly are,” said senior Hillary Lewandowski.
Garza advocates for the girls to not only have confidence in themselves as athletes but in their teammates to reach an ultimate success.
“Our sport is unlike many others in the fact that we cannot change or stop what the other teams are putting on the mat. So playing the comparison game will never help us. We really try to focus on our own abilities and strengths. If the team can stay calm and trust their abilities on the floor, then they are set up for success. I remind them to trust the hard work they have put in behind the scene, trust each other out on the floor, stay in the moment and have fun!” Garza said.

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